What is the start date for each MLS program each year?

Comanche County Memorial Hospital:  third or fourth Monday in July
Mercy Hospital:  third or fourth Monday in May
Saint Francis Health System:  Monday before Memorial Day

What is the difference between a 3+1 and 4+1 applicant?

3 + 1 option (baccalaureate candidate):  3 years of college + 1 year MLS program; degree will be in Medical Laboratory Science through an affiliated university upon completion of the program.

4 + 1 option (post-baccalaureate candidate):  Baccalaureate degree + 1 year MLS program; degree will be in a Biology, Chemistry, or related science prior to program start date.

What classes do I need to take before the MLS program begins?

Program prerequisites and all classes required to complete a B.S. degree, with the exception of the 30 hours of college credit obtained for attending and completing the MLS program, must be completed prior to the program start date.  Program prerequisites include:

Biological Sciences (minimum of 16 credit hours)



Physiology or Anatomy

Chemistry (minimum of 16 credit hours)

General Chemistry (2 courses)

Organic Chemistry


Mathematics (minimum of 3 hours)

College Algebra or Higher

Microbiology, Immunology, and Biochemistry must be completed within seven years of the application deadline. If more than seven years have passed, the applicant must retake those individual classes and pass with a C or better.

Can I take classes while I am in the MLS program to complete my B.S. degree?

All courses, including program prerequisite as well as those required by the university to complete your degree, are to be completed prior to the program start date.  Applicants are not allowed to take university classes during the MLS program in order to complete the bachelor degree.  Applicants are required to have earned a bachelor degree and completed program prerequisites before entering the program.

Am I allowed to take online classes with virtual labs to satisfy program prerequisites?

The medical laboratory science profession is a skill-based career.  It is very difficult to obtain the technical skills needed for an entry-level position for a clinical laboratory internship by taking science courses that have labs that are completed virtually.  Therefore, it is strongly recommended for applicants to take in-person classes and in-person labs to satisfy program prerequisites.

How do I submit university transcripts to each MLS program?

Applicant must submit to each program director updated official transcripts as they become available after university coursework has been completed for fall and spring semesters prior to program entry date. Electronic transcripts and paper transcripts are acceptable.

Electronic Transcripts
Applicants are to request electronic transcripts to be sent by email by the Registrar’s office to the program director of each program applied.  Only official transcripts are accepted.

Comanche County Memorial Hospital
Stacey Paryag-Stevens, Program Director
Mercy Hospital
Leah Babcock, Program Director
Saint Francis Health System
Nate Harden, Program Director

Paper Transcripts
Paper transcripts are to be sent in a sealed envelope to the address of each program to which the applicant has applied. Only official transcripts are accepted.  Program directors’ names should be included as part of the address.

Comanche County Memorial Hospital
Attn:  Stacey Paryag-Stevens, MT School Program Director
Laboratory Department
P.O. Box 129
3401 West Gore Boulevard
Lawton, OK 73505
Mercy Hospital
Attn:  Leah Babcock, Program Director
Mercy Medical Laboratory Science Program
430 N. Monte Vista
Ada, OK 74820
Saint Francis Hospital
Attn:  Nate Harden, Lab Education
6161 S. Yale Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74136

Who should I use for an academic reference?

Applicants should use an individual that knows the applicant very well and can speak to their abilities in the classroom and/or laboratory.  Applicants should use an instructor or professor that has firsthand knowledge of academic and/or laboratory performance.

How does an instructor/professor/advisor provide the academic reference?
  1. Applicants will complete the online waiver by going to https://students.occlsa.org/evaluation.
  2. Applicants will need to complete the waiver section twice, one for each professor.
  3. Applicants will provide the name and email address of the professor being asked to complete the online OCCLSA Student Academic Evaluation Form.
  4. Professors will automatically receive an email with a link to complete the online recommendation form once the waiver has been submitted. Nothing needs to be printed.
  5. Professors will submit the online recommendation form.
  6. Program directors receive an email notification once each waiver has been submitted and another email notification once the professor has completed the online recommendation form.

Note:  Comanche County Memorial Hospital requires an employer reference if the applicant has a work history. Contact the program director for more information.

Does the MLS program academic calendar follow my university’s academic calendar?

Each MLS program has its own academic calendar that may vary from the university’s academic calendar.  Breaks and recognized holidays may be different at each program.  Check with a program director for more information.

Are there vaccination requirements for students?

Requirements for vaccinations including COVID-19 and influenza virus may vary by hospital program.  Check with a program director for more information.

How should I prepare for my interview?

Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) programs conduct interviews to evaluate candidates on academic preparation, related experience, personal qualities, communication skills, and career goals to ensure a fit with their educational program and potential for becoming a medical laboratory scientist.

Before the interview

  • Prepare and practice.
  • Allow plenty of time to practice before interviews.
  • Evaluate and know yourself.
  • Prepare to describe yourself and state your value as a candidate for this program.
  • Consider why you want to become a medical laboratory scientist.
  • What are your abilities? How have you prepared?
  • Practice describing your accomplishments, experience, education, skills, and career goals.
  • Practice answering interview questions out loud with someone else and in front of a mirror.
  • Research the MLS program and profession.
  • Review current issues in laboratory medicine and healthcare.
  • Develop questions you will ask the MLS program during interviews.
  • Research the MLS program’s curriculum, faculty, resources and its health system.
  • Review the program’s policies.
  • Talk to working medical technologists and current students.

During the interview: presentation and performance

  • Arrive early, check in, and be prepared to interact with fellow applicants, current students, and recent graduates.
  • Smile and try to make a good impression.
  • Be professionally dressed.
  • Elaborate on responses when possible.
  • Ask relevant questions about the program and profession.

After the interview

  • Thank the interviewers.
  • Follow all post-interview instructions.
    • Submit the online Matching Form by the established deadline after interviews with all programs have been completed.
    • Submit updated university transcripts reflecting fall grades (if applicable).
  • Wait for notification from the program director regarding acceptance.